Our Team

Owner & Head Coach Demetrius

My name is Demetrius Darmond Sr. In 2006 I became a youth football coach with the team the E.M.S Rams. I had great relationships with the players and the parents. I would even go to the players homes and schools to check in on them. However, during the off-season, we as a team did not keep in touch with the families. Which left time for our players to get into trouble, and one of my players, unfortunately, lost their life. So, in 2011 I began making plans to start my own team. Then in 2012, my mother passed away from cancer and 6 months later I was going through a divorce and was homeless with my 3 kids. With the money, I got from my mother and my church family I recovered from my financial depression and was able to get back on my feet and even buy a house. So, in 2016 I was ready to get back to my dream of starting a team. My new wife and I love the youth and we pray to do great things with them. My goal is to provide year-round mentoring and guidance, teach the young ladies and gentlemen that they can be more than just singers and ballplayers. I know that with the right people in their corner and hard work they can change the world one day at a time.

Cheer Director Dai

President Asa